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January 26, 2011

Introducing Chewie for nuget

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So anyone following my friends and co-workers Jeff Schumacher (@codereflection), Adron Hall (@adronbh) and Bobby Johnson (@NotMyself) is aware that today we [ok really just them, I was busy on a diff less awesome project] started giving nuget a serious trial run to manage our extensive list of dependencies. A lot of which are not available on nuget at the moment.

This prompted a few blog posts from the guys here and here.

We kinda came up with the idea that we really needed something along the lines of bundler for ruby gems. So I started with the most simple version possible and Chewie was born. (All credit for the name goes to @NotMyself). At the moment its a basic file and a single line of powershell goodness.

check it out and contribute @ github


March 26, 2008

Developing InfoPath 2007 Solution == Most Painful experience in my life

The title says it all!!! Well almost. For the last few days I have been banging my head on InfoPath 2007 as a platform for developing a solution. There are great many painful experiences in InfoPath 2007 as a development platform that I was already expecting (it is after all an Office product thus making it inherantly painful)¹ but I wasn’t expecting to have it just randomly crash VS any time I write a little code.

What I am trying to do, and hopefully someone smarter than me can tell me how, is to incorporate a custom dll into an InfoPath 2007 Template project in VS2005 AND be able to use that dll to do work on the Template (the library contains validation functions specific to US and I need it to be reusable). Now you might be thinking life was easy here, but let me through in a few wrenches…

We aren’t using the forms on machines that are NOT connected to our network. The Templates are published to machines that are in the field. No SharePoint,  No Forms Server, just templates and a mdb with the values for the drop down menus in it. Yup… each template comes with its very own personal copy of the database that contains nothing more than tables with values and labels for drop down lists. At a later date the data in the .xml files will be uploaded to a Database after being collected.

 Hopefully I have made it clear how these templates are being used (not my idea so i can’t provide any justifications)

So how does one use InfoPath 2007 to publish a template containing custom validation routines (complex enough that they need to be written in C#) that use a shared library and access fields on the form? WITHOUT THE WHOLE THING EXPLODING!!!! There are no examples that I can find anywhere of even developing with InfoPath in this sort of manner. I am not finding anything related to my issues on the team blog either.

Maybe I am missing something or simply just don’t get it…. what ever the case… hopefully someone can explain this to me…. cuz right now… I’m drowning.


1) office applications in general always seem to have the goofiest API’s and worst documentation. If I just want to do something once and not become an expert in <Office_application_X_Development /> the pain is almost unbearable. It should be easy guys…. no really it should!

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