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July 30, 2010

My technology stack

So following in the footsteps of my friend Liam I decided to respond to David Burela’s ‘What is your preferred technology stack?’ question.

By day I am lucky enough to work with the likes of @NotMyself @codingreflection and other great developers as an Enterprise Developer. Our customers are internal and the corporate preference is for .Net solutions. Our organization and management sees the value in letting developers be productive by allowing them to use the tools that best fit the job. I am proud to work with a team of developers that pushes me to improve myself each and every day.

In my day to day life I am just me, a geek with a passion for learning and all things… well… geeky.

quoting Liam I also favor tools that are :

  • are open source. Open source libraries are often designed to facilitate quality practices, not to sell tools. Also, access to the source and the price are bonuses.
  • support the software craftsmanship ideology. Small, sharp tools that stay out of the way and don’t force any design decisions.

My work stack:

web framework => MonoRail, ASP.Net MVC 2+
ui => JQuery w/ plugins, Ext JS
viewEngine => Brail, Spark, ASPX
Testing => MbUnit for unit testing, MSpec for BDD … I tend to do mostly just BDD now
TestRunner => TD.Net
Mocking => RhinoMocks. I’ve tried Moq and really don’t like it compared to Rhino
IoC => Windsor
exceptions => Log4net, we are increasing moving towards including Elmah as well
data access => NHibernate + Fluent NHibernate, SqlServer 2000
build => powershell + psake (make in powershell)
CI => TeamCity
version control =>  Git w/ git-svn
misc => NBuilder, SQLite for inmemory testing of repositories and mappings, FluentMigrator, WIX, FileHelpers, A Common lib of tools and useful bits our team has collected over time

My Personal dream stack:

web framework => ASP.Net MVC2+, RoR, Sinatra
ui => JQuery w/ plugins, Ext Js, Coffee Script
viewEngine => spark, haml
testing => MSpec, RSpec , Cucumber
mocking => RhinoMocks, some ruby mocking framework (lol)
version control => Git
build => rake + albacore where needed
IoC => Ninject
exceptions => Elmah, NLog
datastorage => MongoDb ….. pure awesome… on a stick


May 10, 2006

Giving Ruby On Rails a try

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So after watching the screen casts from the Ruby on Rails website. I got really excited about Ruby and Rails. Watching someone create a basic weblog in 15mins and 58 lines of code is exciting. The Screencasts go really fast so don't blink. The screencasts are .movs but on windows you can use the QT_Alternative (not a big fan of the bloat that comes with QT now) and watch them through WMP.

I'm really excited to start working with Ruby on Rails. We'll see how fast it can make my development. Also, after reading a little from  Why's Poignant Guide (which is hillarious and informative at the same time) i've got to say that Ruby is truly a beautiful form of "codespeak" as he likes to put it.

Ironicly while writing this my playlist decided to jump to Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train … so I am taking that as a sign. A good sign too.

More to come on this as I begin to work with/learn Ruby….

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