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August 1, 2006

Sandcastles aren’t just for kiddies anymore!!

Saturday Microsoft released the first CTP of Sandcastle…. and it works!!! So what is sandcastle? Well its a Documentation generation tool that uses reflection and XML comments to create awesome looking CHM documentation you can be proud to distribute with your assemblies.

After a few minutes with a little help from Ashley van Gerven’s Batch File OR Scott Hanselman’s powershell script you can be up and running since the instructions @ are just crazy. The Sandcastle team does mention on several occations that:

“For this CTP release our focus was on scalability and performance.”

Which is just fine by me (I totally approve actually, good work boys I prefer tools that work well and fast to “pretty” tools)…. Using Ashley van Gerven’s batch script I was producing beautiful MSDN style CHM’s for my assemblies that can easily be integrated into the build process in literally minutes. Even Continuous Integration builds. How cool is that!!!!

I found this entry in the FAQ to be probably one of the most instrumental reasons for me to truely consider integrating Sandcastle into my build cycle.

Is Sandcastle used by Microsoft for their API documentation?
Yes. This CTP version has a new architecture and has reduced the .Net Framework build time from 10 plus hours during VS 2005 ship cycle to 30 minutes. For the current CTP release the focus was on scalability and performance.

Have some fun and give Sandcastle a try even if you are already using similar tools like NDoc I still suggest trying it out…. if not for the meer pleasure of seeing it at work.

Download the CTP  here


June 21, 2006

Dallas Codecamp June 24, 2006

The upcoming Dallas Codecamp promises to be exciting and informative all in one. For anyone who doesn't know what a code camp is let me grab you an nice snip from the Dallas Codecamp website:

"A Code Camp is a **FREE** one-day .Net training event. It does not occur on a business day, is organized by the community for the community and it is free for attendees. There is absolutely no marketing in this event, the day is entirely devoted to training and the speakers are members of the same community."

I have registered and will hopefully be attending. Anyone else in the area should come, hell come even if you aren't in the area. It'll be a total blast and we can all just sit around talking about geeky things without people looking at us cross-eyed. I actually plan to learn a few things and maybe even win myself(and team) some licenses for CodeSmith. (which are being given away as door prizes) Hope to see you all there. Go register NOW!!!

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