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May 20, 2008

Dear Twitter, Scale or Die

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As many of you may know twitter is a microblogging service (wow i hate that term) that enables users to have an interactive delayed conversation in 140 char increments. Each day the issue of scalability becomes increasingly worse. This pain stems from the rise in users and traffic from a number of applications using it’s API. From desktop apps to analytical web apps twitter is finding it ever harder to keep up.

The result of the current increase in twittages (twitter outages.. and yes i made that word up) is that users are begining to look for alternatives. Scott Koon aka LazyCoder wrote about it earlier today sighting FriendFeed as a possible alternative. And I can’t remember who it was who mentioned Pownce as another alternative (ironically via twitter)[Edit : I now know it was KeithElder ]. Other options like Jaiku exist and may take over the space.

Twitter is becoming old news. Their scaling issues are like cancer, spreading fast and consuming them entirely. This much is true…. Twitter MUST scale … or DIE…



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