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March 21, 2008

Vista SP1 is out…

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Early the other day i noticed that my personal laptop was notifying me of a Windows Update that wanted to be installed. So taking a look to see if it was worth starting I realized that it was indeed Windows Vista SP1….. I began the install and waited while it downloaded and stepped through the three part installation process. I’m pretty open with my personal laptop….. I treat it like a VM so beta software and Service Packs etc are installed without too much concern. I do develop on my laptop but I try to keep it as “up to date” as possible.

While googling for additional info this morning I ran across this blog entry by Tim Sneath. Tim really gives a great quick synapsis of what Vista SP1 is all about or at least what it means for Developers. I personally think of this as possibly the best Service Pack experience I have ever had with Windows. I for one noticed some slight performance increases when waking from Hibernation (I absolultely abuse Hibernation in Vista). I also noticed that several basic application showed as being new ; paint, notepad and several other basic apps. I presume this has a lot to do with being upgraded to handle the security in Vista better.

 All in all I have so far been decently impressed.


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  1. Yay vista sp1 is out:)

    Comment by ljlol — March 21, 2008 @ 12:20 pm

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