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March 19, 2008

Time for a Theme Change.

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I decided I HAD to change my theme today when I realized I was contributing to the one thing I dislike most on other blogs.   I realized that the dates for my entries were difficult to find and only located at the bottom of the post. That doesn’t make them very useful especially when often times what I might be commenting about could be information that changes in days/weeks/months. I find this a lot when I am looking for information regarding a topic. I will start googling and looking through blog entries of known bloggers like Scott Hanselman and Ayende Rahien only to find that on details for each entry the dates are only listed at the bottom of the entry, which could be a considerable distance to scroll. Leaving me to realize later that the information I was reading was out of date and potentially no longer accurate and that any links I followed may be stale.

I really like blog themes like Phil Haack’s and Jean-Paul Boodhoo’s where the dates are clearly displayed above each entry even in the detail view.

So I changed my theme to one that lists the complete date clearly. Anyone who manages to stumble along here should have a better idea now of when entries where made and what the potential validity of that information is.


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