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June 25, 2006

Some interesting technical books

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So, I decided while browsing amazon and barnes&noble looking for interesting books to read that I should probably compile them into a list, at least for myself. Well I then decided that since I was creating a Ta-Da List anyway that I should share it here as well.

So here comes the link (Ta-Da !!!) the list has an rss feed too so get with it and drop it in your favorite aggregtor… I might even update it from time to time.

Anyone who wants to get on my really good side and accidently have some of these books show up at my door is welcome. Lol, just drop me a line and let me know.


June 21, 2006

Dallas Codecamp June 24, 2006

The upcoming Dallas Codecamp promises to be exciting and informative all in one. For anyone who doesn't know what a code camp is let me grab you an nice snip from the Dallas Codecamp website:

"A Code Camp is a **FREE** one-day .Net training event. It does not occur on a business day, is organized by the community for the community and it is free for attendees. There is absolutely no marketing in this event, the day is entirely devoted to training and the speakers are members of the same community."

I have registered and will hopefully be attending. Anyone else in the area should come, hell come even if you aren't in the area. It'll be a total blast and we can all just sit around talking about geeky things without people looking at us cross-eyed. I actually plan to learn a few things and maybe even win myself(and team) some licenses for CodeSmith. (which are being given away as door prizes) Hope to see you all there. Go register NOW!!!

June 18, 2006

LINQ: I finally got a chance to play with it.

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I finally got a chance to play with LINQ (Language Integrated Query) for a few minutes today. What can I say other than Wow!…

The thing I had the most fun with was the direct integration of XML. Being able to define an object using XML right in the IDE was pretty cool. I'm not yet entirely sure how useful it will be beyond defining singleton objects, but I'm willing to bet that its far more useful than the couple of minutes I spent getting used to the idea led me to believe. Hey, I was impressed… but that can often be easy so you never know.

As I mentioned before the ability to loop over and search Objects quickly within the code is one of LINQ's greatest achievements. It gives us another layer of abstraction that we can use to really relate to the code in a real world intuitive manner. I see heavy use of LINQ in the future of development, especially mine.

If you haven't already seen this video on Channel9 with Anders Hejlsberg, one of my favorite personalities, (yes thats odd I know) and Sam Druker you really need to take the time to watch it.

And for your own sake download and install the LINQ CTP. Play around and do something crazy, you'll be glad you did!

June 15, 2006

Telerik announces upcoming new products

Telerik (famous for their AJAX controls) just recently announced their upcoming new products, which is pretty exciting. Why, you ask? Because they include r.a.d.control for WinForms as well as Telerik Reporting and Telerik r.a.d.ajax (allows devs to AJAX-Enable ANY ASP.Net web app without writing code).

I've come to really love these controls for all the things they allow me to do with very little code that would otherwise have taken me days or weeks to begin to work out and since I loath writing Javascript they save me the hassle. More importantly the support and community surrounding Telerik's products is growing stronger every day.

But, back to the new offerings. Having these same benefits in WinForms applications and easy to use reporting tools for Visual Studio will be a blessing. When it comes to getting real work done I prefer to spend less time working out the details of the UI and more time focusing on the real business logic behind the applications. From my experiences, with the ajax controls, the new WinForms controls (which is what I am most excited about) should offer me that easily customizable set of controls that look great and offer the functionality I need and how I want it. Ohh and they offer WPF-like capabilities for enhanced levels of UI customization.

Check out the Demos:
Telerik Reporting
Telerik r.a.d.ajax (Currently in Beta)

Scheduled Dates (as of date of this posting):
telerik r.a.d.ajax Official release is scheduled for June 26, 2006.
telerik Reporting Beta release is scheduled for September 01, 2006
telerik Reporting v1.0 Official release is scheduled for October 15, 2006
telerik r.a.d.controls for WinForms Beta release is scheduled for July 28, 2006
telerik r.a.d.controls for WinForms Official release is scheduled for August 15, 2006

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