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May 16, 2006

LINQ CTP (MAY 2006) Released

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The LINQ (Language Integrated Query) CTP for May 2006 was released recently for VS codenamed "Orcas".

Excerpt from The LINQ Homepage:

"Following the vision setting preview released at the 2005 PDC, the May 2006 preview of Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) shows the progress made towards realizing that vision, and sets the trajectory for Visual Studio code name “Orcas”. "

As a VB.NET Dev the prospect of LINQ is super exciting to me. It's one of those things you always said "I should just be able to do this as easy as SQL". Well now you can. Want to query a collection of objects? Go right ahead and write a quick LINQ statement and get the job done. Need to find only the strings with length of 5 characters in a string array? LINQ can handle that easily.

Its one of those extra little things that MS has been advancing in recent times to really make my life as a dev that much more simple. Check out this Video on Channel 9 for more info.

When I get the chance in the near future I'll give it a try on my Demo box. EWD, LINQ and hopefully more all this month. Awesome!


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